Thermal Plasma Spray

What is Thermal Plasma Spray?

Thermal plasma spray coating is a process in which melted chemical materials are used to finish or coat a surface. A powder or wire is heated by electrical means into a molten state and then “fired” at the substrate at an accelerated velocity in the form of micrometer-sized particles. Resulting coatings are made by the accumulation of numerous sprayed particles.

Thermal spraying can provide thick coatings, ranging from 20 micrometers to several millimeters. The quality of the coating improves with increasing particle velocities, leading to enhanced resistance to wear or erosion. The strength of the coating may even enable the designer of a part to use a less expensive material for a given application.

Substrates for Thermal Plasma Spray

This can be applied to a wide variety of materials (substrates) including:

  • Metals
  • Alloys
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Composites

Have a part not shown in the list above? Contact our sales department to find out if thermal plasma spray coating may still be a good option for your particular situation.

From start to finish, we understand that every step of the production process is critical to achieving the standards both we and our customers expect. That’s why we can also provide pre- and post-plating services upon request, such as abrasive blasting, buffing and polishing, centerless belt-sanding, and stripping. See Extended Services for a complete list.

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