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Electroless Nickel Plating

EN Plating is often used on  parts in corrosive environments such as oil drilling and coal mining.

  • + More corrosion resistance than industrial hard chrome
  • + Offers uniform coverage of parts with irregular shapes
  • + Process may allow for coating multiple parts at once
  • – Less durability with a softer coating

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Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is often used by clients for repair of hydraulic parts.

  • + Durable, with high wear and tear resistance
  • + Improves lubricity by reducing friction
  • – Will show surface roughness and defects
  • – Labor intensive: often coating one part at a time

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United Surface Finishing USF Excel

An alternative to industrial hard chrome, USF Excel is often used by clients in the die and mold industries.

  • + 40% harder than conventional electroless nickel deposits
  • + Ideal engineering coating for demanding wear applications
  • – Not as corrosion-resistant as other nickel finishes

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Duplex Plating

Duplex Plating is often used by clients looking for added protection on underwater or natural gas-related applications

  • + Enables USF to develop custom solutions
  • + May allow for the “best of both worlds”: the uniformity of nickel plus the durability of industrial hard chrome.
  • – Can be costly to perform double coats

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