Vehicle Parts Manufacturer

One of our clients manufactures and sells bushings and suspension parts for an array of all-terrain vehicles. They sent a quote request to United Surface Finishing, asking us what it would take to have their parts chrome plated. But we had a different idea in mind.

We counter-proposed they give USF-Excel a try. With nickel, we knew we could promise them a better turnaround time and at a potentially better price. But more importantly, we believed they would actually have a better part. The client was not familiar with this newer technology, so we did some initial samples and sent them their way.

The owner took a file to the sample and was amazed by what he discovered. The USF-Excel coating was harder and more durable than the chrome that he had been using before! Since nickel could also offer more corrosion-resistance and uniformity than chrome, it wasn’t long before the manufacturer became a loyal USF customer and gladly made the switch to nickel.

But that’s not the end of the story. The client’s bushings are very small pieces which had to be machined and polished before and after chrome plating. Nickel allows us to plate the bushings in longer lengths; when they are returned to the client, all they have to do is cut them down and send them out to customers. The switch to nickel has removed the need for several steps in the process, making the company more efficient and profitable.

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